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Wheat, cereal crops available from D & M Rural in Bordertown

Seed - Canola, Pasture Seed, Cereal Crops

We supply seed and offer advice on seed variety choice to suit every application, soil type and purpose.  If you have broadacre cropping needs or specific pasture requirements, we can offer a suitable solution.

Filling a feed gap, need quality hay or silage, specialised finishing feed options, permanent pasture or need a broadacre cropping variety?  Choosing the right variety is imperative and we can offer sound management advice to gain the best from your investment.

We keep in stock small seeds to coarse grains (season dependent) however if we don’t have what you need on hand, we also have a large range of seeds and grains available to order with very prompt delivery:

  • Clover (commons & proprietary)
  • Ryegrass (annual, perennial or biannual)
  • Herbs (Pasja, Chicory & Plantain)
  • Lucernes
  • Annual & perennial pasture species
  • Proprietary and non-proprietary options
  • Spring and Summer feed options
  • Forage cereals
  • Legumes & Pulses
  • Cereal grains
  • Oilseeds (Triazine Tolerant, Imidazolinone (Clearfield) & Conventional)

With good local knowledge and experience, along with the right Agronomic advice, we can help you choose a crop or pasture option most suited to your farm and your needs.  Talk to us today.