Agronomy - Soil Testing IVM & IPM, Crop Monitoring

With two fully qualified Agronomists, D&M Rural is able to offer a wide range of Agronomic services, from basic crop monitoring, crop specific, or full season agronomy packages. 

We are able to assist in all facets of Agronomy for crops grown within this region, covering broadacre, horticulture and viticulture.  Our local knowledge and experience in the production of crops and pastures in this area enables us to offer advice to assist our clients in achieving the best outcome in each and every individual situation.  Whether it is advice for dryland or irrigated, or pasture or crop, D&M Rural has the backing of an extensive Agronomy network through CRT.  The information sharing through this network enables us to give the client the most informed advice possible for any specific crop or situation. 

Full season Agronomy packages encompasses farm and paddock planning (crop rotation), crop budgeting, regular monitoring and recommendations for weed and pest control as well as chemical and fertiliser recommendations, from pre-seeding to post harvest.  The level of service is able to be catered to each individual client and their specific crop requirements.  With a focus on IPM & IWM (Integrated pest & weed management), we not only aim for gaining the best production possible but also have a strong focus on sustainability and the long term viability of your farming enterprise. 

Just need seasonal crop monitoring?  We are able to cater for short term monitoring and offer advice of specific summer crops such as Lucerne or Maize.

We are also able to provide a service for soil testing as well as plant tissue and SAP testing, all accompanied with written recommendations by our qualified Agronomists.

All services can be provided by a fee for service or a non-fee for service option specific to the client’s needs.

Call us today to speak to our Agronomy team to discuss your requirements on 8752 0099.