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Laucke Mills

Equus Cool +Equus Cool +

Protein 18% min  Fat 9% min  Fibre 13% min

The high protein, energy and cool nature of Cool+ make it the ideal choice for the demanding requirements of intense work, growth and lactation. Being cool and oat free, it is also an excellent food for ponies and leisure horses.

Cool+ contains Amylase for improved digestion of starch, a high lysine level of 0.80%, high levels of Omega 3 and Omega 9 oils, a comprehensive vitamin & mineral premix and organic chromium.

Equus Cool Horse & Pony

Protein 18% min  Fat 9% min  Fibre 13% min

Cool Horse & Pony is a cool, nutritious and palatable horse food that can be fed to horses performing active strenuous work, pregnant and lactating mares, young growing horses and as a maintenance food for spelling and aged horses.

Ridley AgriProducts

Barastoc Calm PerformerBarastoc Calm Performer

Protein 11% min  Fat 2.5% min  Fibre 15% max

Cool feed for horses and ponies at maintenance or in light to moderate work.

Barastoc Breed n Grow

Protein 17% min  Fat 5% min  Fibre 15% max

Ultimate feed for broodmares, breeding stallions, weanlings and yearlings.


GumnutsMitavite gumnuts

Protein 16% min  Fat 7% min  Fibre 8% min

Especially formulated for aged horses and ponies, reduces to a soft mash when water is added.

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