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Laucke Mills

Equus Gold NBEquus Cool +

Protein 25% min  Fat 14% min  Fibre 15% min 

A versatile supplement specifically formulated for racing horses or horses performing other strenuous work, lactating mares and young growing horses.

Equus Cool Horse & Pony

Protein 18% min  Fat 9% min  Fibre 13% min

Cool Horse & Pony is a cool, nutritious and palatable horse food that can be fed to horses performing active strenuous work, pregnant and lactating mares, young growing horses and as a maintenance food for spelling and aged horses.

Equus Silver Pony Club

Protein 11% min  Fat 4% min  Fibre 20% max

Palatable and nutritious high chaff, low grain, cool food specifically formulated to be fed to horses performing light work or as a maintenance diet for idle horses. 


GumnutsMitavite gumnuts

Protein 16% min  Fat 7% min  Fibre 8% min

Especially formulated for aged horses and ponies, reduces to a soft mash when water is added.

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