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Laucke Mills

Equus Silver Pony ClubEquus Silver

Protein 11% min  Fat 4%  Fibre 20% min

Equus Silver Pony Club Mix is a palatable and nutritious high chaff, low grain, cool food specifically formulated to be fed to horses performing light work or as a maintenance diet for idle horses.  It is a blend of quality lucerne chaff, cereal chaff and pelleted ingredients coated in sweet molasses and premium cold pressed vegetable oil.

Equus Total

Protein 12% min  Fat 7%  Fibre 16% min

Equus Total is a nutritious and palatable all-round horse food that has been formulated to be used in a wide range of feeding applications.


CompletoBarastoc Completo

Protein 10% min  Fat 2.5% min  Fibre 10% max  Energy 11.0MJ/kg est

Complete highly palatable feed for all horses.

Cool Command

Protein 13% min  Fat 7% min  Fibre 10% max  Energy 13.0MJ/kg

High energy oats-free muesli feed for performance horses.

Stablemate Grain Mix

Protein 12% min  Fat 4% min  Fibre 6% max  Energy 13.0MJ/kg

Steam flaked grain and lupin blend for performance horses.

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